If you use the LimeWire client for file sharing, you may have seen this big ol’ in-client legal notice that the company is no longer allowed to support the software because of a court order. This is real, so yep, bye bye LimeWire, it was nice knowing you.

As much as some people hate the RIAA, they are slowly but surely winning the battle in their mission to stop illegal file sharing.

Most people remember the first time RIAA got something stuck in their craw is when they sued Napster in very-late 1999. This lasted up until 2001 when in July Napster finally complied and shut down. Napster today is something entirely different after having been acquired by Roxio (yes, that Roxio) that promotes their own music service under the Napster name.

There is speculation that because of the LimeWire shutdown that P2P-style file sharing has now changed forever.. Has it? Maybe.

This is my take on P2P:

I’ve always hated it. Why? Because too often it’s annoyingly slow. Besides which, why would you bother using it when there are far faster ways of getting stuff? If I were the RIAA, I wouldn’t bother paying attention to P2P but rather free cloud-based storage. How many people do you think are trading files that way over P2P now? ๐Ÿ™‚

What do you think?