One of the new top-level-domains that will be available soon is dot-mail. This means if you wanted to register the domain you.mail, you could, and you could assign the email address [email protected] if desired (with “you” being replaced with the name of your choosing, if available and not registered by someone else.

I’m actually amazed it took this long for the dot-mail TLD to actually exist, because it’s one that makes total sense. True, it would suck for a web site (such as because that would confuse the crap out of everyone, but for an email address, yes it works perfectly.

All the big webmail providers are sure to get the jump on this before everyone else. You will undoubtedly see see yahoo.mail (and possibly y.mail), hot.mail, outlook.mail, g.mail, aol.mail and so on. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go and register your own custom name if you want (and host it, of course).

I’ve seen a few TLDs introduced before that made no sense at all. Dot-museum is one of them, such as, which of course immediately redirects to, which is much easier to type out, so… why bother having dot-museum in the first place? Makes no sense.

Dot-mail is the first I’ve seen in a very long time that makes complete sense, and will be great for business and personal use.

If you want to be notified when you can register yourself a dot-mail, should you want one, go here. You’ll need a account (free) to be notified when the pre-registration process is available.

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