Windows 10 may not feel like it has been around a long time, but Microsoft is officially ending support for the first version of it soon. Anyone with version 1507 of Windows 10 should update it as soon as possible, because after that date, you will no longer get security updates for the OS.

On the consumer side of things, this shouldn’t affect very many people – but business would be more likely to use an older version of the OS and need an update. Fortunately, updating it as simple as going to the Microsoft site and downloading the most up to date version of the OS.

This is the first time support for a version of Windows 10 has ended, and while the OS as a whole will receive updates, we are seeing that it is imperative to keep updating your OS to ensure that you’re secure even if you prefer sticking with an older version for convenience. Businesses, even more than individuals, need to ensure that their OS is secure and safe to use. By going with an older version, you open the door for cyber attacks and a lot of personal information getting in the hands of the wrong people.

Once May 9 hits, only the two most current branches of Windows 10 for business use will receive active service. Hopefully, all major business update the OS to make sure that their data is secure over the long haul. Not doing so could cost them a lot of money due to any kind of data breach, which can easily result in lost trust and then lost customers.

Fortunately, any business still using this version of Windows 10 should be aware of the deadline and will more than likely update the OS to ensure a smooth transition. There’s simply too much at risk to not update the OS.

Source: Microsoft