Microsoft has announced that it will host an education-centric event on May 2 in New York City.

There wasn’t much officially announced for it, but given the focus, a lot of Office-related announcements would make sense. The Office suit is already fairly education-friendly, with things like OneNote Class Notebooks allowing notes taken with it to be placed in a digital workspace for both teachers and students to access. Office itself already has a student and educator deal where the online-only version of it can be yours free along with a terabyte of cloud storage.

Hardware-wise, one would expect a low-cost entry-level Surface to be announced. It could be like a Chromebook and simply rely on the cloud for its apps and storage – or include a bit of on-board storage just to ensure that things like documents and projects can be saved locally to the device.

While this is a largely education-based event, there will be consumer products announced as well. It’s possible that we’ll get something with the HoloLens at a lower price point. A consumer-priced device able to make use of that technology would be huge – and would also have educational implications as well. If Microsoft could release something that uses HoloLens and is optimized for schools so it isn’t cost-prohibitive, it would be a game-changer for the mixed reality technology they have worked on for years.

With the Creators Update just launching this past week, one would expect a variety of art-related programs to be announced. The 3D paint program is outstanding for creativity and could be a perfect fit for schools. It’s possible that they could announce their newer sub-$300 education-based PCs with the program pre-loaded – it would be huge for art-centric schools and classes. It’s a shame the company didn’t announce anything officially for it beforehand, but it does keep interest high before the event.