The past year has seen Microsoft debut the creators update for Windows 10. With its release in April came the debut of Paint 3D, Edge overhauls to streamline the experience, the integration of Mixer to make livestreaming gaming even easier, and a blue light reduction mode to make late night PC usage easier on the eyes.

Microsoft has recently announced that the fall creators update is coming soon, and offered up some impressive revelations about just what users can expect when the update launches on October 17. The update will have a strong focus on Mixed Reality headsets. These are set to bring high-end VR experiences to more people than ever before, and the update will bring with it support for all MR headsets.

The goal with all of the headsets, whether they be from ASUS, Acer, Dell, HP, or Lenovo is sto make them easy to use. The mixed reality experience will allow for creations in Paint 3D to be viewed as if they were real-world objects in the headset. This is an interesting way to bridge the virtual and physical world, and could be a real breakthrough for artists looking to get into sculpting or even trying out some 3D printable designs before actually creating them in full. All of the MR headsets will be available when the creators update goes live on October 17 – finally putting an end to the speculation on just when users would be able to enjoy the devices.

Beyond VR and mixed reality, Windows Inking is set to get better as well. You will soon be able to ink directly onto PDF files as you’re making – allowing you to keep a mix of professionalism within the PDF, but also adding a more personal touch with something like a signature or hand-crafted drawing. Smart ink has also been added to better replicate a real pen, and a new feature will be added that will find your pen for you if you misplace it. It’s a small feature, but one that can save you some time and stress when you need to. Inking will also be possible with your photos thanks to the Photos program getting an update.

The addition of Mixer and Game Mode to the last creators update was big, but the upcoming update is set to change the game even more. Now, you will be able to unlock the full processing power of your PC and use it like you would a regular Xbox One console. This means that if you have a high-end PC, you can use it just as you would a dedicated gaming device. This may not be huge for everyone, but is big for anyone with a gaming rig and makes the Xbox Play Anywhere games like Forza Motorsport 7  or Forza Horizon 3 a better overall value. Instead of having games that run reasonably well on your rig now, but may have to dial some settings back to get better performance, you should be able to get higher-grade performance on the same device without having to upgrade it.

Now in theory, this should be huge – but the real key is making sure everything lives up to the hype. If it doesn’t, then Microsoft could wind up with a lot of upset customers. The key here is to under promise and over deliver – so as long as the feature actually does dedicate everything for gaming, they should be fine. Users of an i5 processor won’t naturally expect 4K gaming – but they should get better 1080p performance if their device doesn’t have a major bottleneck. If it does, then dialing things back to 720p or 900p might give them Xbox One-level graphics and for many users, that’s perfectly fine. For dedicated PC gamers thinking about an Xbox One X, this could allow them to decide to avoid getting that and just stick with their PC and see just how much of a boost they receive after the update.

With the rise of ransomware over the past few years, the update is also set to help defend against exploits – including ransomware. This could be huge, as Windows 10 S devices only use apps from the Windows Store – so having Defender be fully up to date and actually on-par with a full-fledged paid security suite is crucial. Many of those devices are made for either students needing it for simple work or older users who benefit from the ease of a mobile-style app storefront that makes things more familiar. This is especially true for people who either haven’t used a computer before or haven’t used one in quite some time.

One incredible feature is set to change the way Lou Gehrig’s disease users to look at the device and control it using just their eyes. Keystrokes can be pressed by seeing where they are looking at, and this also allows them to operate a virtual mouse with only their eyes. This is a massive improvement in quality of life for people who may feel isolated by their disease, and can also be a life-changing tool for people who suffer from arthritis and struggle to type for either long or short periods of time. The fall creators update should allow for premium PCs to gain even more functionality, while any 2-in-1 users will benefit from the increased usage of an onboard camera for vision-tracking typing. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or a gamer, this update has something to offer up. The proof is going to be in the pudding though, so hopefully the rollout is smooth and doesn’t lead to issues – which are always a risk whenever you’re updating your device in a major way.

Source: Windows Blog