Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of the Office Product Group, Rajesh Jha announced that Microsoft has acquired Intentional Software.

Charles Simonyi created the company after leaving Microsoft years ago, and helped create the Excel and Word programs. Their goal is to use Intentional’s technology and talent within the company to make what Microsoft already has stronger, and add new tools to what Microsoft already offers up. Their goal is to create productivity software, but didn’t go into details about what kind of productivity would be worked on. It could be purely for the workforce, and maybe a team-based program akin to something like Slack that allows team members to communicate no matter where they’re at.

Intentional’s CEO Eric Anderson said that they’re excited by this because it allows their technology to reach workers across the globe. The company seems to view this time as their next chapter, and not the end of anything in particular – which is good. When you go into a situation like this with an open mind and view it the new parent company as a key ingredient to furthering the success of what you’ve done, you set yourself up for more success. Intentional is the latest acquisition from the company, who recently spent over $26 billion to buy Linkedin.

Time will tell just how well this works for both companies. Microsoft having ties with the company thanks to its original owner having a role within Microsoft certainly helps – they know what Charles Simoyni is capable of and clearly want to do something with the company, its talent, and the technology they’ve made. Microsoft clearly values what the company has done, and will be interesting to see how long it takes them to create new software with Intentional’s team and tools behind it.

The company as a whole has made nice strides forward in the past few years to get their programs back on track, and this acquisition should give them a stronger foundation than ever before.

Source: Microsoft Blog