Visual Studio has just received a massive upgrade in the form of Windows Template Studio. Template Studio will make app creation that much easier by providing guidance on how to make Universal Windows Platform apps.

It will use a developer-friendly wizard to get UWP apps ready, with frameworks and features to ensure that it is worthwhile and not just thrown up on the storefront without much concern. The wizard walks users through four key steps in the process – Project Type, Framework Selection, App pages, and App features.

Project type allows you to choose between standard layouts and predefined controls. Framework allows you to choose the structure for your UWP app using in-house and third-party support if needed. App pages allow you to select which pages make sense for the app, while app features allow you to add things like background tasks with a single click. Windows Template Studio will also be made open-source, allowing more developers to take a crack at development. Companies interested in using it can do so and tailor the engine to suit their company’s needs.

The step-by-step nature of the revamped Template Studio makes it easy to see how you can take an application from theory to execution. As long as you have a vision for your project, this revamped toolset will help you achieve it. You can set up the core framework for the app and then add various kinda of viewing options for it as well. Windows Template Studio v1.0 is available now, and updates are planned every six weeks. Template Studio can be downloaded from GitHub now, and a roadmap for the future release will be made available at all times.

This is an outstanding move from Microsoft and really does make them seem like a company that is at least trying to eliminate the barrier of entry for creating programs on Windows 10 devices.

Source: Windows Blog