One of the best things about smartphones is the fact that their customizable in that you can download whatever apps you want. Your apps reflect your tastes and your lifestyle — if you’re into gaming, you’re going to have more games on your phone than someone who uses their phone for business, after all.

Whether you’re a first-time smartphone owner or you just got a new smartphone, there are some apps that you may want to get right away. Here’s our guide to apps for the first time smartphone owner.

Social Media

Social media is a big part of what we use our smartphones for — luckily there are a ton of great apps for social media on mobile. Here are some of them.


The Facebook app for iOS is exactly what you would think — it allows you to access your profile, post photos and videos, and so on. In face, you could argue that the Facebook mobile app is better than the desktop Facebook website, as you can take photos and videos straight from the phone’s camera for posting — sure, you can take photos with your computer’s webcam, but that’s a little less convenient on the go. One thing it does not do, however, is allow you to chat with friends — you’ll need the standalone Facebook Messenger app for that.

Available on: Android | iOS

Facebook Messenger

As mentioned, if you want to chat in Facebook, you’re going to need the Facebook Messenger platform. In fact, Messenger is growing beyond a simple messaging platform — recently Facebook opened up Messenger as a platform for bots, now allowing users to interact with companies and services. You can also do things like send money to friends, send photos, GIFs, and so on.

Available on: Android | iOS


Facebook isn’t the only social media platform around. Twitter is obviously also available as a mobile app. The mobile Twitter app allows you to keep up with all of the accounts you’re following, as well as tweet on the go, which arguably the point of Twitter — capturing the moment in only a few words. Twitter is also a great way to keep up with what’s happening in the world — many people get their news from Twitter and the topics that trend on Twitter. If you get your news from somewhere else, however, Twitter is still a great place to have a laugh or learn something new.

Available on: Android | iOS


A little more into photography than the average social media user? Instagram is probably for you. Instagram focuses on photos and photography, allowing you to share your photos with others, follow your favorite photographers, and so on. To help with this, Instagram offers a number of great photo editing tools. Not only does it offer stock filters, but it also has controls for colors, saturation, and so on. Instagram in general makes social media a little more visual.

Available on: Android | iOS


Gaming has evolved a lot over the years. From huge arcade games to PlayStations, and now to mobile, it’s possible these days to have great games with excellent graphics on a device as tiny as a smartphone. Here are some of the best game for mobile.

Angry Birds

This one isn’t even a game — it’s a whole series of games (and now a movie). Angry Birds has fast become one of the most popular titles on mobile, and for good reason. It’s simple, addictive, and easy to play. It doesn’t require a ton of skill to learn, and there are a ton of levels to go through. Finish all the levels? Simply download another of the Angry Birds games.

The premise of the game is that a group of pigs has stolen the birds’ eggs. So what do the birds do in retaliation? fire themselves at the pigs’ towers, which you, as the player, control.

Available on: Android | iOS

Temple Run 2

Temple Run is also a fairly popular game on mobile, and it essentially revolves around you, the player, running from a monster that chases you through the jungle, jumping over obstacles, rounding turns, and so on. Miss a beat, and you’ll either fall of a cliff, run into an obstacle, or get eaten by the monster chasing you. It’s also a very addictive game, and it gets updated with new levels and features regularly.

Available on: Android | iOS


While you sometimes may want to game on your smartphone, other times you’ll want to be a little ore productive. There are plenty of great productivity apps on mobile. Here are some of them.

Google Drive

Cloud storage is becoming an increasingly important part of our digital lives, and for good reason. It’s easy to access, can store a ton of data, and so on. Google Drive is one of the best cloud storage services, especially if you’re an Android user, as Google Drive interacts well with other Android services, as a Google-built platform. With Google Drive you can get 1TB of storage for $10 per month, or you could simply use the free storage available, which is 15GB.

Available on: Android | iOS

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office has long been the productivity champion on desktop computers, and while Microsoft lagged a little in offering good mobile apps too, it has come out with a great suite of Office apps for mobile recently. The apps include Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and while you can get them for free, the free versions don’t offer as many features as the paid versions. Basic users will be fine with the free apps, but more intense users may want to pay the Office 365 subscription, which extends to desktop too.

Available on: Android | iOS (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)


Apple Music

Android users may prefer using Google Play Music, however there’s no denying that Apple Music has fast become one of the top-used music subscription services around, and for good reason. Apple Music gives you access to one of the largest music libraries out there, and if you’re an iPhone user, it integrates with your Music app, meaning you won’t have to download any extra apps. Android users can, however, still use Apple Music with the Apple Music app, if they so choose.

Available on: Android | iOS (Pre-installed)


As you can see, there’s something for everyone. And, if you don’t see something you like, the App Store or Google Play Store have millions of apps to choose from. Whatever your situation, you’re sure to be able to personalize your phone exactly the way you want it.