New York Sues Apple, Apple Sues New York

Sometimes there are things Apple Computer does that are just.. really wrong.

New York City, VERY commonly known as The Big Apple and title has been around WAY longer than Apple Computer has (try 1920) has instituted a new GreeNYC logo that, to be honest, looks absolutely NOTHING like Apple Computer’s logo.

GreeNYC (see bottom right)

Apple Computer

NYC went for a trademark on the logo, Apple Computer filed an opposition to it.

I’m not kidding.

Said in blunt honesty, I hope Apple gets its ass handed to them by NYC. Never in the history of anything that exists has anyone ever confused Apple Computer with New York City USA. Ever.

[Source: Wired]


  1. FYI, no one is, as of yet, suing each other. It’s simply a trademark application and an opposition to that app.

  2. As the saying goes… “Only in America…” LOL

  3. Reese the Piece says:

    Hmmm… I’m surprised Apple didn’t win with their kickass lawyers. lol.

  4. This really makes me mad at apple. Their products are expensive but good but I hate their marketing and their pompous attitude. This lawsuit is as bad as when some lady sued Macdonald’s cause she spilled hot coffee on herself and they did not tell her it would be VERY hot.

  5. Jason Faulkner says:

    I find it ironic that Apple is suing a non-profit organization looking to do some good in the world. The NYC logo looks nothing like Apple’s. I think they will go after “Washington Apples” next because the fruit they grow looks a lot like the Apple logo.

    Apple coming off their recent settlement for false advertising in using inferior parts ( is showing their true colors.

  6. I’ve been think about getting rid of my I-Pod Touch to try to get some of my cash back. Apple has just stacked the deck a little more in favor of doing that.

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