PCLinuxOS “KDE MiniMe” Edition

This Linux distribution may be mini at an under-500MB size, but it packs in a lot of OS for something so small. In fact, PCLinuxOS 2011.07 could easily be mistaken for a full-sized distribution given there’s nothing in it that feels slimmed down/compromised for size.

Personally, I think this is definitely one of the better smaller distributions out there. Smaller is good when it comes to an OS, but not when it takes away too many features and functions. PCLinuxOS doesn’t feel watered-down in the slightest and is solid all-around. See video below for details.


  1. Rich,
    I applaud you for recognizing a very stable, configurable, and out of the box user friendly OS. You show a potential user; value,  accessing attributes and distinct coverage on sharing. Nice comment on clocks, bugs the bejesus out of me. Thank you Rich for pointing out the mundane features,. I passed on your review. File manger is a great point!!  You accuratlety point out to valuable widgets, excellent. Your excellent coverage of the package manger is spot on. You bring such value!

    Great Distro for getting my customer up and running real quick!

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