Today I am doing something a little different for PCMech. I am releasing a WordPress plug-in.

To those not familiar with it for some reason, WordPress is blogging software. It is open source and free, which has resulted in it being VERY popular. We use WordPress to power PCMech itself.

PCMech is now running LIVE on PCMech Live, using the platform provided by the fine folks at Ustream.Tv. When I went to implement Ustream on this website, I wanted the ability to switch between more than one show. See, I want flexibility to show somebody else’s Ustream show here on PCMech in the event that I am offline for awhile. Ustream does provide code to embed the live feed into a website, but it is not dynamic.

So, I created the WP-Ustream WordPress plug-in. Here is a short video showing the plug-in in use. You can view out new page on WordPress and check out the page on WP-Ustream.

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