Printer ink is expensive, especially color ink. On most printer models you do not buy a single ink cartridge for color, rather three (cyan, magenta and yellow). More so, these color cartridges typically do not hold as much ink as their black counterparts.

So when it comes to printing, print what you can using only black ink (i.e. in gray scale). You can usually find this setting in the print dialog by clicking the properties button. Depending on your printer model, there is typically a check box on the resulting dialog to indicate you want to print in gray scale. You can also make this the default setting by going to your printer setup in Windows, viewing the properties and checking the box there. This saves the setting for future use so you don’t have to change it every time.

This is perfect to use when printing web pages, text documents, maps, etc. Save your color ink for when you want to print your pictures.