Microsoft’s Project Scorpio is slated to be the most powerful gaming console on the market, and Phil Spencer has officially confirmed that it will make its debut at E3.

It will offer up 4K gaming to Xbox players for the first time, and the specs behind the device has been thrown around to whet appetites around the world. The GPU is set to be about 4.5x that of the original Xbox One, and a healthy 1.4x increase over the PS4 Pro’s. Microsoft and Sony showed their hands at E3 in 2013 and when it came to power, Sony won that battle. However, by releasing the PS4 Pro when they did, they also allowed Microsoft to see their hand – and Microsoft is aiming to topple them when it comes to sheer horsepower.

The PS4 Pro is outstanding hardware, but Sony has had to deal with complaints about it lacking a 4K Blu-Ray drive despite being $400. Microsoft has definitely helped their market share a bit by including one in the Xbox One S, which is far less powerful than the Pro – but also more feature-rich. Project Scorpio looks to keep some of what made the One S more appealing than the original console, including the 4K Blu-Ray drive and the power brick being placed inside the console – enabling a much sleeker home setup that won’t have a bulky power brick like the Xbox 360 or the original Xbox One.

A console wouldn’t be much without developers, and the company’s Xbox Live Creators Program allows anyone to make games with a retail console – which will extend to the greater power of the Scorpio quite nicely. Having a high-fidelity game come out as your first title can be empowering, and by allowing anyone to make a game, it ensures that gaming will always have a regular stream of new people trying their hand at development.

Existing developers will also be able to do to their Xbox One versions of games what they can do on the Pro and patch in better textures and other upgrades to make use of the Scorpio’s power. This is where Microsoft taking their time could hurt them because some developers will have simply moved on to other projects, making Scorpio updates unlikely without outsourcing the work. The idea behind the Scorpio is promising, and we will know a lot more at 3.

Project Scorpio will be unveiled to the public at E3 on June 11 at 2PM PDT/5PM EST.

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