In what seems like an even more deliberate attempt to rile Apple, Mac-clone maker Psystar is now releasing a “service pack”.

Out of the many drawbacks to the Psystar hardware, one of the biggies was that you couldn’t get updates from Apple. Why? Because you’re essentially running a hacked computer. And just like you really can’t get Windows updates when running pirated Windows, you couldn’t get Apple updates because you’re more or less running a pirated version of OS X (not really, but for all practical purposes, you are).

So, what does Psystar do? Release a service pack, of course! “Safe updates, as well as bug fixes and workarounds, are now available,” Psystar said in a note Monday on its Web site.

The update can be downloaded from the Psystar website and will be integrated automatically with all hackintoshes shipped by the company as of this last Monday.

When I hear updates to this story, I get pictures of David running all around the ankles of Goliath, trying to piss him off and crapping on his shoes. Psystar is blatantly doing pretty much everything they shouldn’t be doing and they are doing it with a big grin across their faces.

Source: InformationWeek