Every week, I record the technology news for 820 AM WWBA here in the Tampa Bay area. My news is played here in the Tampa Bay radio market as well as in several other metro areas throughout the state of Florida. Rather than post audio recordings, I thought I would simply post my transcript.

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Here is my news for this week:

When we buy our software, we naturally look for the best deals. Many turn to the Internet to look for name-brand software such as Microsoft Office. But, be careful. Many times, the software you might buy online is fake, a pirated and illegal copy of the real thing. This is especially common in online auctions such as on Ebay. For example, the latest scheme is to sell copies of Microsoft Office "Blue Edition". The sell it as an insider version of Office that doesn’t require a serial number. In reality, it is just a hacked version of Office. There is no "Blue Edition". Microsoft has filed 63 lawsuits in 12 countries in an effort to stop sales of this "blue edition". The company has also had problems with people selling fake copies of Windows XP online. Windows XP remains the most pirated version of Windows on the Internet. You don’t want to use pirated software on your computer. For one, you won’t be able to get any updates for your product from Microsoft. So, be very careful if buying retail software in an online auction. It might not always be what it seems.
Source: CNET

The tale of the fake Macs continues. Psystar, the company who created PCs with OS X on them, hasn’t been doing very well in court up against Apple. All of Psystar’s claims against Apple have been thrown out of court by the judges. Now, Apple wants to change it’s complaint against Psystar, claiming that there are other players at work here behind Psystar’s tricks. Apple wants to find out who is behind Psystar and sue them, too. Apple is also alleging a violation of the DMCA, the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. Psystar is now sitting like a mouse at the mercy of a very angry cat. And Apple may have a point. Psystar was extremely blatant in how they openly sold Mac Clones. It is almost as if they were trying to get sued just to pick a legal fight. What motivations went into this are suspect, but it appears as if Psystar is being pummeled, tarred and feathered by Apple.
Source: the Inquirer

Another week, and another security warning for Windows users. A company called Secunia, who specializes in computer security, says that more than 98% of Windows computers harbor at least one unpatched application., and nearly half contain 11 or more programs which are at risk. They got this information based on their own utility called Personal Software Inspector. It was installed on people’s computers and they used the collective information from scans to determine this information. The information came from a random 20,000 computers in their database of 120,000 scans. The company says Windows itself, as well as web browsers, are usually more up-to-date because they have automatic update features. But, third-party programs on the computer many times do not have an auto-update feature and are thus more likely to be old versions. The motto of this story is this: Go through the software installed on your PC and check for updates. Chances are you have one or more programs that should be upgraded to fix security problems.
Source: ComputerWorld

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