Zip files are one of those "all or nothing" type of files. If there is any "hiccup" in the compressed file, none of the data can be read or recovered. However, a tool which can help you recover data from corrupted zip files is the freeware utility, DiskInternals ZIP Repair.

After you locate an archive that needs repairing, the program will scan it for damages. Then its robust recovery engine will take over. It will extract and move all the intact files to a new archive. The only other thing expected from you is to name the new archive or specify the location of an existing one. DiskInternals ZIP Repair has built-in extraction features that allow it to extract partially damaged and restored files.

Needless to say, this type of tool can be invaluable when you need it. For example, if you created a zip file of some documents as a backup which have long been deleted and you find the zip file turns out to be damaged, this utility can make your day. Of course the parts of the file which are truly corrupted or damaged will probably not be able to be recovered, but getting back something is always better than nothing.