image In the United States, Memorial Day lands on Monday of next week, May 25 2009. This holiday is meant to commemorate US men and women who died in military service. I tip my hat to all families who’s fallen heroes served our country.

From a retail perspective, Memorial Day is one of the best times of the year to buy electronics from traditional big-box stores.

All larger US retailers will be geared up for sales. Over the course of the weekend, check your mailbox for circulars as there might be some Memorial-Day-only coupons in there you could use.

My suggestion if you’re at a loss for where to shop is to actually go to the mall. Ordinarily it’s true that everything is overpriced in there, except on special sale days, and Memorial Day is one of them.

If you have the time over the weekend and particularly know where you want to shop in the mall, go there, go to the store on a Saturday and ask if they will be having any special sales on Monday. You might get lucky and find out what exactly will be on sale far ahead of time.

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