I am a fan of retro computing, and think it’s great when computer hobbyists and hackers do wonderful things with older hardware. When you see a hand-built Z80 processor-powered laptop (yes, that Z80), you totally want that.

I’ve seen some interesting Commodore 64 hacks over the years. There’s the one where an entire computer was built into a 1541 floppy drive, the old-but-done-right 933MHz C64, and some absolutely bitchin’ cool C64 laptops like this one and this one.

Now we have The New Commodore 64:





Yes, this is a true-blue real "official" Commodore computer and not another home brew hack.

Now I will give credit where it’s due as this is a very well-done new-retro build and is a quality machine. Special attention was given to every part of this box, right down to the keyboard keys. As said on the web site:

The new Commodore 64 features genuine Cherry brand key switches, which provide a feel much better than the original, with a lovely IBM classic mechanism and click sound. The keys are the exact same shape as the original and are color matched. No expense has been spared.

There is however one thing you have to take to heart here: This is an all-in-one PC. It may have the look and feel of the old Commodore 64, but the inside is totally different. And while it’s true the box comes with some decent hardware (Dual-Core 525 Atom CPU with 2GB DDR3 RAM expandable to 4GB), you more or less have to treat this like a laptop, meaning upgradeability is sharply limited.

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What’s the operating system? You have two.

You can either boot into Workbench 5 or directly into a C64 emulator for total-retro goodness.

When will it be made available for sale? The site doesn’t say. How much will it be? The site doesn’t say that either. Those pieces of information will be coming soon to the CommodoreUSA.net web site.