Now days, it seems there are hundreds of reward programs going around. Long gone are the dot-com’esque “click on a banner 10 times and we will pay you $15” style, as they have been replaced more or less by the Coca Cola “enter the code under the cap” flavor. While you should definitely be choosy about which ones (if any) you partake in, there are actually quite a few good ones out there.

Personally, I do not want to put any time into typing in numbers on a web page when all I can get are free ring tones. Instead I look at what rewards are available before I enroll. Unless there is an option for cash or a gift certificate to somewhere I would like one, I pass. Also, if it is going to take more than several months to reach something I would like, I pass.

Typically I just pile up whatever I numbers I need to enter on my desk and when I have a few minutes (i.e. waiting for a conference call to start), I enter them. This seems to be an efficient use of time I would be wasting anyway.

The point of this tip is to just take a look at some of the reward programs offered by many products you probably already buy. If the effort is minimal and they have stuff of value, it could be worth it.

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