Being that it is Thanksgiving today, I thought I would take a break from tech for a moment and answer a single question: What am I thankful for?

Picture 1This has been a hell of a year for me – in a good way. In March, I got married to my beautiful wife, Malika. Have you ever seen the TV show "Beauty and the Geek"? Well, I live that show each and every day. I remember when I first met her in 2004. I thought she was SO out of my league. I’m a geek, man. I sit on the computer all the time. I’m not exactly the kind of guy I would have thought would be enticing to somebody like Malika. But, I guess I was wrong. Today, we are married.

What’s more, we are now about 3 weeks from giving birth to our baby girl. Her name is going to be Elyana Risley. Her official due date is December 12th. It is so cool to be able to feel Elyana moving around inside of my wife. She makes these large, rolling movements all the time. I can’t imagine what that feels like to my wife.

So, this year, I have a lot to give thanks to. I have started a family, and I must say that family is getting moving with a bang.

But, I could not end this post here without thanking each and every one of you who read this site, subscribe to the newsletter, subscribe to the RSS feed, view our videos, etc. We’re geeks around here and Rich and I really enjoy talking tech everyday and having you guys read it. But, as the owner of this site, PCMech is also my business. The fact that I am able to make a living with this website (and a few other things, of course) is simply beyond me. It is almost unreal that I am supporting my new family by sitting here dorking around every day. And that would not have been possible were it not for you being there and reading the site.

It is almost a scary proposition that my wife and I are bringing a child into this world while her father (me) makes money by blogging. It seems insecure, yet I have been successful at it many years now.

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Lastly, I thank those of you who help me operate this site. Rich has been onboard awhile now and is helping not only with routine posting, but he is also doing almost all of the videos, the podcast, as well as all of our DVD course material available in our store. Tyler is taking care of the newsletter for me every week as well as some of the site content. George (GLC) and the guys in the forum have been doing a fantastic job of moderating the forums for quite some time now. I truly believe the helpful environment we have in the forums is a direct result of their moderation. I certainly don’t run this site alone, and I could not do it without these guys. So, many thanks to them as well.

So, by the next holiday (Christmas), we will have a little baby PCMech on our hands. We are in the home stretch. My wife and I are ready. Let’s hope everything goes smooth.

Happy thanksgiving.