Setting Up Gmail With Evolution In Ubuntu

The default email client that comes bundled with Ubuntu is Evolution. Make no mistake, this is a really good email client (arguably just as good as Mozilla Thunderbird that also runs under Ubuntu easily).

Setting up an IMAP-enabled Gmail account in Evolution is fairly straightforward as long as you know where to enter in the SSL stuff and other odds and ends. Watch the video below to see how it’s done.


  1. A few questions: can I run this on Windows(XP, Vista…)?

    I have had great frustration trying to set up BOTH gmail and my ISP e-mails with Thunderbird. One thing I heard here makes me think I need to clear things with my ISP — again. I was not able to log in for some reason.
    Anyway, I have just been looking for a way to get POP access to my past e-mails and store them then delete them from the accounts — other than copy and paste…
    Thanks for the ideas…I’ll try this program out on Ubuntu if it doesn’t work on Windows.

  2. On the evolution page I see: “Evolution provides integrated mail, addressbook and calendaring functionality to users of the GNOME desktop. ”

    Does this mean only for Linux distributions using GNOME?

    • You can run Evolution in KDE if you want. The reason it’s billed for users of GNOME is because it is specifically a GNOME project. When not in that environment, it will still work and it functions fine, but looks-wise there may be (for lack of a better definition) some “funky” problems. Some icons may not look right, some menus may look “off”, etc. because the app is not in its intended desktop environment. But it will still work.

  3. What are the advantage and pros of using and read your email thru Evolution and not thru the gmail site (google)or server??

    Isn’t it easier to open your browser, login to your account, and read your mail???

    Please help, because everytime I want to send or reply a mail thru a link(e.g. Craigslist), (not gmail) the welcome Evolution window will appear and want me to setup the account.


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