Apple at WWDC earlier this year announced iOS 10, and now, the new software version is available for anyone and everyone to download as a public beta. We’re going to show you how to sign-up for iOS 10 public beta and how to get the new firmware version on your iPhone or iPad.

Signing up for the beta

Signing up for the beta is the easy part. You’ll need to head on over to the Apple Beta Software Program website.


From there, you’ll need to scroll down and click the “Sign Up” button.


Next, sign-in with your Apple ID.


Once signed in, you’ll be asked to accept the Apple Beta Software Program agreement. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you’ll find the “Accept” button at the bottom right side of the page. Click it.

Backing Up Your Device

Now, you’ll need to create backup of your iOS device. This step is optional, but if you ever want to revert back without having to start over, this step is imperative. iOS 10 is quite buggy being this early in the beta, so it’s highly recommended that you backup your device before proceeding.


To do this, make sure your iPhone 6 is unlocked. Next, plug your iPhone into the computer using a lightning cable. Next, open iTunes if it hasn’t launched automatically. Click File > Devices > Transfer Purchases to begin saving all of your App Store or iTunes items on your computer.

Once complete, you can do a full backup. Select File > Devices > Backup. iTunes will now begin backing up your device. Once it’s complete, you can ensure it finished successfully by looking at the Device Preferences menu.

Now, you have something to backup to in case iOS 10 is a little too buggy for you.

Getting iOS 10 On Your Device

From your iPhone or iPad, head on over to to download the configuration file. Be sure to follow the onscreen instructions to download the file.

Once the configuration file has been downloaded and installed, you’ll be prompted to download the latest version of the iOS 10 public beta. If you didn’t get a prompt, you can download it by going into Settings > General > Software Update. Press “Download and install” and iOS 10 will be promptly installed on your device.

If you got stuck during the process, be sure to let us know in the comments section below or join us over in the PCMech Forums!