Steam’s seasonal sales have become the stuff of legends over the past few years. Beginning as a bit of a mad dash for savings, with some deals being hourly and some lasting eight hours, it led to many people saving a ton of money – while also leaving some out in the cold. After all, if sales are limited time-only, then people working long hours may very well miss out on the savings.

The past two years have seen a shift from the daily and hourly block deals to a less extreme sale, but one that last much longer. This year’s sale runs until July 5 – giving everyone a fair chance to save a healthy amount of money on outstanding games with both small and large budgets behind them.

Fans of first-person adventures may want to get Shadow Warrior for $3.99, or maybe maybe check out the complete Serious Sam collection for $11.89. The entire Bioshock Collection can also be yours for $14.99 – an outstanding value given that each game originally sold for $60 apiece and this gets you all three games for less than the cost of just one. The 2016 DOOM reboot is also heavily-discounted at a mere $14.99, and you can get it alongside a Steam Controller for only $44.98.

Those seeking some team-based thrills may opt to get some of the discounted Ghost Recon games. The new Ghost Recon: Wildlands is $40.19, while Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is $6.79, and the original Ghost Recon will set you back $3.39. The DLC for Ghost Recon and Future Soldier is also a mere $1.69 – down from $4.99. The Final Fantasy franchise has also seen quite a few PC releases, which are also discounted during this sale. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is $14.99, while Final Fantasy XIII is $7.99 XII-2 is $9.99, and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is $9.99. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD is $14.99, while Final Fantasy IX is $10.49, VIII is $5.99, and VII is $5.99. On the mobile revamp front VI is $7.99 V is $7.99, and III is $7.99. Those seeking a high-quality remake of IV can get it alongside The After Years for $11.49.

Racing game fans should definitely checkout the WipeEout-inspired Redout. It is a jaw-dropping game and the base game can be yours for $13.99, or you can get the deluxe edition with an OST and artbook for $15.95. There are also two content packs available in the Neptune and VERTEX packs. The former is on sale for $3.19, while the latter is newer and still at its $4.99 price point. For VR headset owners, the game also has a VR mode as well – which is probably quite action-packed given that the non-VR game alone is crazy-fast.

There are thousands of games on sale here, and while these are some major highlights, other games like ABZU are worth checking out as well. That game takes the exploration of console-only games like Flower and Journey and brings them to the PC with an underwater mystery. Other top-notch games like the tactical RPG Transistor and action-RPG Bastion are outstanding buys as well. In each instance, the base game is $2.99 while a version with the soundtrack is $499 – and given the high quality nature of each game’s soundtrack, they’re well-worth buying at $4.99 each.

Steam‘s summer sale only lasts until July 5 – so be sure to grab anything in it that looks like it will tickle your fancy and try to avoid adding too many games to your digital pile of shame.