I ran across an interesting set of videos on Youtube that show a long interview with two juggernauts of the technology industry: Apple’s Steve Jobs and Microsoft’s Bill Gates. Before I comment further, here are the links to the videos in the proper order. The way they are posted on Youtube makes it rather difficult to view in the right order. I’ll do the work for you.

These videos give great insight into the two companies and how they deal with each other. They provide some funny jabs at each other through the interview, but you can definitely tell these guys have respect for each other.


Very interesting to me was in Part 2 where Steve Jobs talks about one of the primary things he had to change in the Apple culture when he returned to the company was the idea that Microsoft had to die off for Apple to succeed. He properly mentioned that Apple is not going to kill off Microsoft and that Microsoft happens to be the single largest provider of Mac software outside of Apple itself.

Steve Jobs has a great sense of humor. Together this makes for a very interesting interview. It’ll take you about an hour to watch all of these videos, but its an interesting interview to watch when you have the time.