Everyone out there is probably familiar with the head to head game Rock-Paper-Scissors. While statistically no one player has an advantage over the other, computers can analyze player behavior and predict what they will choose. This simple page demonstrates this artificial intelligence in action:

Test your strategy against the computer in this rock-paper-scissors game illustrating basic artificial intelligence. Choose from two different modes: novice, where the computer learns to play from scratch, and veteran, where the computer pits over 200,000 rounds of previous experience against you.

Like any matchup, one side will not win all the time and according to the law of averages, you should win, lose and tie an equal number of times. What this page attempts to exploit is any patterns you and other human players tend to follow and use them against you.

Give it a try and see how you do. If nothing else, this is a great way to kill 5 minutes.