The 100% Easiest Way to Try Ubuntu Linux – WITHOUT partitioning anything

Want to try Ubuntu Linux? Of course you do.

Want to install the entire OS to operate just like an application inside Windows? With no partitioning? No fuss, no muss?

And wouldn’t it be even better if it were able to be uninstalled just as easily?

Wouldn’t that be great if it existed?

It does.

It’s called Wubi.

Download it here:

Now you can try Ubuntu – easily! Grab it and go! You don’t even have to download Ubuntu, it does it for you!

Cool, eh?


  1. David Risley says:

    I tried this on the laptop. Install worked fine, but Ubuntu hung up mid-boot. Just wouldn’t work. I ended up un-installing. I’d be curious if anyone else got it to work.

  2. I used Wubi to installed Ubuntu on my Dell Inspiron using Wubi, it was super easy and I’ve not experienced any problems with it. I was a bit scared about the partitioning business so this was an ideal solution for me.

    • i installed ubuntu latest version on dell xps m1530. After the installation i rebooted the computer it took me directly vista os, dont see any dualboot? Have you ran into this problem?

  3. Crazy things have happened in the past before with me and Wubi.. It would install and the boot screen would not even come up (Boot.ini checked out fine however) and when it did decide to show the boot list it said it couldn’t find neccesary files to boot Ubuntu.. Anybody else have these issues and figure out how to fix them?

  4. hello, ive got a really taugh question, well thats what seems to me, i tried to install ubuntu 7.4 on my pc, pentium 3, but to have both pc and linux, i dont know what i did and what i changed but my computer doesnt run anymore, it just stays on the first page, on the start, and also ive lost my mobile hard-drive, or somthing like that (i dont know how to call it in english, im spanish and i dont know much about computers)
    i would like anybody who knows my problem to help me please and to inform how to do allright, thank u very much
    [email protected]

  5. It’s now even easier to install. With Ubuntu Hardy, Wubi is a default option. Instead of booting from LiveCD, you can run the CD from inside Windows and install that way. After installation, you will be advised to restart your system. At that time, you enter in some important information like your name and your time zone, and you have Ubuntu Linux running on your system.

  6. Ashley Jordan says:

    I used WUBI and it worked fine. I can now boot into either Windows XP or Ubuntu Hardy Heron (8.04)

    I am having problems accessing an absolute beginners guide to actually using Ubuntu. For example I read that WINE would allow me to run windows applications in Ubuntu. However I couldn’t find any instructions on how to install WINE. I downloaded it from Wine HQ but a step by step guide on what to do with the file was missing. I eventually found instructions on the internet and installed it. So far none of the windows applications I wanted have actually worked (although they will install!) I managed to print out an open office document on my Epson DX4400 All in One Printer using the recommended driver for an Epson DX4200. However the scanning and copying functions don’t work… And other things I wanted to print seem to be stuck in a queue which doesn’t actually end up at the printer. My search for drivers for my printer just came up with a few forum postings of other people wanting the same thing.

    The internet worked fine (wireless broadband) – I just needed to type in my wep key and it connected straight away.

    I am using a Toshiba Equium Laptop M50-244 Model for my dip into Ubuntu.

    There seems to be a huge gulf between people who like me, who just are just end-users of applications and those who write them – and no easy way to cross the gulf. The answers offered in forum postings seem to have a few missing steps and assume a prior working knowledge of Ubuntu.

    Is there an illustrated, step-by-step guide online anywhere? Or a book I can buy? Or video to watch to help me get started with just using Ubuntu?

  7. i use ubuntu on my laptop dell with xp every thing was fine but i cants use internet with ubuntu

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