The Fastest ISP’s In The US

Whenever you see a commercial for an ISP who make claims on how fast their Internet service is, what they are telling you are the maximum theoretical speeds which you will virtually never reach (if you notice in the small print on commercial says your actual speed will vary). But if you want to see h0w the ISP’s stack up overall then check out this article on PC Magazine which looks into this topic.

Their conclusion finds that Verizon FIOS is the fastest for casual browsing. What’s interesting is their seems to be a clear separation of cable and DSL with almost every cable provider faster than every DSL provider (save one exception). Of course actual speeds can be determined by a variety of predictable (location relative to a hub) and unpredictable (lines down, overall network usage) so there cannot really be a complete definitive winner.

The results of this article have been questioned, but overall it seems to be pretty fair.


  1. GrammarPolice says:

    Did the writer go to school? Grammar police. It's there not theIr.

    • It's a sure thing you are not the 'grammar police', ''Their' happens to be correct. It is possessive, which happens to be the right case for “Their conclusion”. I wouldn't be so quick to jump on people. Who cares but you anyway. Life is too short for this crap.
      Ed L

      • Chemistken says:

        GrammarPolice is referring to the incorect usage of “their” on the next line down. He is correct.

      • yeah life's too short for that kinda thing (their and there) but he was correct anyway. if i was the only one reading this article i wouldn't mind the incorrect usage.

    • Staylosse47 says:

      They still teach grammer in school!!!!!! Wow

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