The True Meaning of Christmas

With Christmas being only an eve away, I find myself recovering from
a total bombardment of advertisement on the TV, radio, and
internet. It seems to me, that not only the number of commercials
increased per TV show, but the number of junk e-mails in my Inbox also
increased. Not only that, but the number of songs on my favorite country
radio station decreased, with the time of disk-jockey jabber
increased. Correct me if I’m wrong here, but isn’t Christmas the
celebration of the birth of a man who, 2000 or so years ago (If I get
ANY emails giving me the “correct” number of years, that email
will be retorted by a swift kick in the ass, and a hit over the head,
because you obviously have too much free time on your hands during
the holiday season…go visit your family or something, would ya?) gave
his life for the world. In light of that, I’ve always thought that
Christmas was a time to give a part of yourself to better someone else’s

life. Now, Christmas has turned into a celebration of the all
mighty dollar, and the superficialness of the modern day world.
Now, it’s a competition of who gets who the best gift, and how many
gifts one got this season. To tell you the truth, I like the glow
of a stout pine tree, and the smell of a fresh wreath during the season.
(Not to mention all the goodies, I love the goodies!) The thing
that bothers me about Christmas is the superficiality of it.
Another thing that bothers me is all the ads. Although, sometimes
ads are good, when they go to support a worth-while cause, but when they

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go to support some rich assholes kids and their private education, it
tends to piss me off a little! How many pokemon things can a man
stand anyway? I would love for Christmas to go back to it’s moral
roots, but I would also love for golden eggs to fly out of my ass.
Truthfully, I think I’ll be sitting on a pile of gold before Christmas
stop getting crammed down my throat.

I am
sorry for the shortness of this article. As we all know, this is
Christmas, and I’ve got a lot of giving left to do. Stay safe, and
have a happy holidays. I just hope I do…


  1. tell that to us 9 years later.

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