TinEye is one of those things that gives you a, “Whoa.. this is the future” moment. In movies you’ve seen technology before where someone just takes a photo, scans it into a computer and it magically knows where the photo was taken. This is exactly what TinEye does.

The best example I can give of this is that someone on Reddit recently asked, “Hey, this is a cool place – where is it?” Someone responded, found out it was a Scottish castle and said they used TinEye to find it.

Seriously, how cool is that?

What makes TinEye very different from a regular search is that no keywords are used or anything like that in the way TinEye works. Upload a photo, wait a few seconds and see if TinEye comes up with anything. Chances are it will. TinEye has had contributions from major photo web sites such as Getty Images, iStockPhoto and several others, so the search will be extensive.

I can definitely see one of the major web companies (Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, etc.) acquiring this tech in the future. Although I’m not one to usually make predictions, “Reverse Image Search”, as TinEye calls it, is definitely something that’s going to become a standard image search feature of the future.