Today I am doing something that is uncharted territory for PCMech. See, we can’t be all business here. Sometimes we just need to have fun. We talk computers, Internet and gadgets all day long. However, there are some incredibly bright and beautiful women out there doing the same. So, if People Magazine can have a list of the sexiest people, why can’t PCMech? So, we shall. Below, we will list the top 10 sexiest women in technology.

Morgan Webb –

morganwebb Morgan Webb is the host of the daily technology video blog, WebbAlert. She covers daily news from the world of tech, all in video form. She is also co-host of the G4 television show X-Play, where she talks about gaming with the best of them. Morgan was also a co-host in TechTV’s Call for Help program along side Chris Pirillo. Morgan is a true die-hard geek, and I have this sneaky hunch she could kick most of our butts at a good video game. Be sure to check out Morgan on her daily vidcast at WebbAlert.

Luria Petrucci, aka Cali Lewis – GeekBrief.TV

calilewis Cali Lewis is the host of the video podcast, GeekBrief.TV. She produces the show with her husband, Neil Campbell. She also operates the tech advice blog, Dear Cali. She is also the International Director of the fictional Geek Intelligence Agency (the G.I.A). Oh yeah, pure geek, this one. You can watch Cali most every day of the week on GeekBrief.TV as she talks about the latest gadgetry.

Veronica Belmont –

belmont Veronica Belmont used to work at CNET as the producer of the Buzz Out Loud podcast. She also did some video stories which I sometimes saw on the TIVO-only CNET show. She recently left CNET and went to work for Mahalo, the human edited search engine started by Jason Calacanis. Veronica is a video host for Mahalo as well as host of their podcast Mahalo Daily.

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Xeni Jardin – BoingBoing

xeni Xeni Jardin is a tech journalist and works as co-editor at the popular blog Boing Boing. She also hosts the video shows put out by Boing Boing. She is also a contributor to Wired Magazine and Wired News. Her journalistic endeavors in tech do not go without riling a few feathers, giving rise to, a site dedicated to documenting Xeni’s supposed “lameness”. Oh brother!

Leah Culver – Help Me Buy a Laptop!

leahculver Macs can be a little pricey to buy, right? Well, Leah Carver had a unique idea on how to pay for her’s – sell ad space on the computer itself. In a concept similar to Pirillo’s Rent My Chest, Leah is selling ad space on the back of the display on her 15″ MacBook Pro. Leah works at Intructables and uses their laser etching machine to etch the ads onto the computer. Very interesting concept! Hey, is somebody willing to buy me a Macbook, too?

Vanessa Fox – Vanessa Fox Nude (Not What You Think)

vanessafox Judging by the title of her blog, Vanessa Fox Nude, you might expect to see some risque pictures. But, you won’t. I had an opportunity to listen to Vanessa speak out at Gnomedex in Seattle this year and she said she bought the domain to play into some false rumors. And you gotta admit its a catchy domain name! Don’t mistake her for just an owner of a catchy domain. Vanessa is the founder of Google Webmaster Central. She left Google, worked briefly at, then announced she was leaving to work at Search Engine Land.

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Amber MacArthur – commandN

amber Amber is a Canadian tech journalist and prominent podcaster. She is the host of WebNation, a show on digital culture put out by Canadian media organization CityNews. She is also host for a vidcast called commandN and co-host of the [email protected] podcast put out by Leo Laporte’s TWiT network. She has also served stints with the likes of Microsoft and RazorFish. She has been around the tech world and has “street cred” many uber-geeks wish they had. You can also check out Amber’s personal blog at

Jessica Chobot – IGN

jessicachabot Jessica is a long time geek that got “discovered” by the geek community by a clever photo of her licking a Sony Playstation. That led into a whirlwind evolution from a prospective modeling career into full-time nerd. Today she is the host of the IGN Weekly show, but before that she has been on G4’s “Attack of the Show” and “Filter”. She also writes a blog for IGN and does a weekly guest spot for Maxim Radio and for Fuel.TV‘s The Daily Habit.

Jade Raymond – Electronic Arts (EA)

jaderaymond You have to be a geek to be in the business of creating video games. Jade is that geek, but she doesn’t look like one. Jade Raymond is a Canadian video game producer as well as a host of G4’s The Electric Playground. She worked at Sony as a producer of video games, then moved over to EA where she has most recently held the producer role for the game Assasin’s Creed. You can check out her unofficial fan site and see more about why gamers just dig Jade.

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Some Blond Chick – My Wild Card

blondI wanted to throw a curve ball at ya. I don’t know her name, but I’ve seen her face all over various tech advertisements. She posed for a photographer somewhere and ended up in some stock photography shots that have become a favorite among tech companies. You can find photos of her on iStockPhoto, which is probably why her mug shot has become famous. Whether she is simply smiling or holding up a notebook computer, her image has been used by the likes of Crucial Technology, Newegg and others. No doubt, if you keep your eye peeled, you’ll see her on a screen near you in short order.

So, there you have it. Got any of your own?