iTunes isn’t the only major program joining the Windows storefront. For the first time ever, Linux will be available on Windows machines as three of its most popular versions will all be available on the Windows Store. Ubuntu, SUSE Linux, and Fedora are going to be usable for any Windows 10 device, and will run in a virtual environment alongside Windows itself.

With the upcoming Windows 10 S coming out and being aimed at education, this means that aspiring developers will now able to develop Linux-based apps right on their Windows 10 machine.

This is a huge step forward for Microsoft as a company and makes them seem dedicated to their announced vision of making Windows 10 S an excellent OS for education-based users. Those who have always wanted to try out Linux will also be able to do so easily thanks to this and the newfound accessibility via the Windows Storefront could give people a chance to develop that never had the ability to do so before. Fedora and Ubuntou are praised as being incredibly user-friendly for new Linux users, with Ubuntu’s slick interface making it easy to use for those used to Windows machines. Ubuntu is the most popular version of Linux available, while Fedora is usually in third or fourth place.

SUSE is fairly popular, but known for being a bit tricky to install. Media-wise, Ubuntu does have issues playing Youtube videos within the Totem video player, which isn’t an issue with either Fedora or SUSE. Ubuntu makes app installation a bit easier and runs a bit faster than the others. Microsoft opening the doors to an open source OS within its own OS is incredible, and something that few saw coming.

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The recent announcement by Ubuntu that they would be focusing on their desktop versions does make a bit more sense in hindsight though – and it does stand to reason that having a version available on Windows, and having a user-friendly interface could make it the premiere version of Linux on the market.