Verify or Validate Critical Windows Files

Whenever you install new software, it is possible (but not likely) that its installer will overwrite crucial Windows files. To protect yourself from potential problems you can use the Windows System File Checker utility to verify the proper DLL\’s are active.

To run the System File Checker, make sure you are logged into Windows as an Administrator and do the following:

1. Make sure your Windows CD is in the CD drive
2. Open Start > Run
3. Enter this command: sfc /scannow

You can read more about it here: []


  1. xp now takes 6 to 8 minutes to boot. Have disabled indexing and update services — nohelp. StartCop shows gui_dat.exe is running but cannot disable it Is it a valid file? Should I rename or delete it?

  2. David Tompkins says:

    What happens if Windows XP is already pre-installed and the company you purchased the computer provides no installation programs whatsoever? I have an AMD processor and have installed SP 3 since as well as a HP computer. The results were disastrous until the patch came out and I lost a lot of programs that had activation codes!

    Dave T.

  3. I’m here to let everyone know… NEVER, NEVER, (I repeat) NEVER buy a PC without the System Operating CD. If you’re buying from a “reputable” PC dealer that sells New Systems, then they’ll have the CD in the store. If your right up front with them (What I recommend from the get-go), I say, “I’m shopping for a PC, WITH the Operating System. I won’t take any PC that doesn’t have it, Don’t bother giving me that crap about Not needing it…. they usually go into their standard hogwash about about not needing the CD because we have system restore, & or system recovery on a hidden partition.” The bottom line about the System Recovery partition (usually D:\) is..#1. it takes up between 5-10 GB you could be using. #2.. The longer you own your PC, the less chance you have of that recovery partition working. I’ve gotten many Windows systems in where the owner swore they were told, “They didn’t need the OS CD, because they installed a System Recovery Partition at the factory.” When I try and use the Recovery partition to go back to the Factory default.. a system file is corrupt, & it won’t work.The other excuse salesman/women (got to be politically correct) use for not giving the OS CD is, “You have a Utility that lets you create your-own recovery CD. The problem is, by the time people get around to making, the files are corrupt, & or lost so the Utility won’t work. Bottom line, it woly costs Dell, HP, Tobisha, & the rest of them Pennies to create a CD with each PC they create. They do make the CD, & the CD goes into the box with the systems, but they are removed at the stores.. So these stores have the CD’s. And the ones that don’t can get them easily. What-ever you do.. don’t buy into this garbage of not needing the OS CD’s

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