The biggest issue with mobile devices is that, security risks aside, they all require the occasional sojourn to an electrical outlet. Particularly when you’re on the road, this can be something of a pain: sometimes you don’t have time to stop and search for a spot to charge your cell phone or tablet. Sometimes, you just need it to work. Unfortunately, that’s usually when the battery decides it doesn’t have enough power to function, and shuts itself down.

A number of solutions exist to address this problem: extra batteries, car chargers, and solar chargers. The last item on that list is hardly a new idea; solar charging devices have been on the market for quite some time.

But none of them are quite like the WakaWaka Power.

Some of you may have heard of the WakaWaka Light, which hit the market last year; with the goal of both providing charging capabilities to consumers on the road as well as safe, non-toxic power and light to developing nations such as Haiti.

Recently, the organization behind the WakaWaka Light has put their product through something of an upgrade process. The new device functions both as an LED lamp and as a solar charger capable of charging virtually any mobile device you might happen to be using. It clips on to most smartphones, and features a USB jack for charging iPads and other tablets, with indicators for battery level and charge progress. Not only that, it’s portable, easy to use, and incredibly effective. There’s just one tiny caveat to the whole deal…

It’s still a prototype at the moment. There’s currently a kickstarter campaign¬†running in an effort to make enough money to distribute the devices (it’s already well exceeded its goal). Those of you who go to Kickstarter to contribute can nab a model of the device for yourself (assuming you pledge enough to cover the cost of one of the devices).