It used to be that Internet Explorer was the dominant web browser. Even as the competitors ate into it, it was still dominant mainly because it was built into the most popular operating system – Windows. And, let’s face it, most end users just use what’s put in front of them.

But, I decided to take a peek at what’s going on these days. First, let’s look at our own internal stats for



The Chrome browser is leading the pack by a long shot. Hell, even Firefox is beating out IE now.

But, that’s Surely, we have a more advanced audience here. People less likely to be using whatever is shoved in front of them. So, I looked to see what was happening globally, according to W3 Counter:

Globally browser usage, February 2013

Globally browser usage, February 2013

Surprise surprise. Chrome is still #1. Interestingly, though, the PCMech audience is still more techie than the general world (no surprise there, of course).

What browser are you using?

And, even more important than that… WHY?

Why are you using the browser that you’re using?

I can tell you… I’m using Google Chrome. I use a Mac and Safari is the browser shoved in my face, so perhaps for me the choice is obvious. 🙂 But, for me, Chrome is fast and doesn’t hog memory like Firefox has been known to do.

So, what’s it for you?