Google Realtime is something new from Google where you type in what you’re searching for, and the result page shows you the most recent results. The twist is that the results page auto-updates itself as new results become present, hence "realtime". As soon as it happens, it will appear.

I tested this using a popular site used often by many, "youtube". I can confirm that yes, Google Realtime does work. As I let the result page sit there, new real-time results started filing in:


My only complaint about it is a small one – it’s not fast enough. The closest equivalent to Google Realtime is Now while it’s true Twitter’s search does not dynamically update itself, if you search for a term like youtube and let the page sit there, this happens:


You are required to click the link to refresh the page yourself, but even so this is way faster and more timely than Google Realtime is. However it’s only for the Twitter web site while Google Realtime is for everything.

It should also be noted the bar chart is click-able:


…so you can see results from specific periods of time. That’s something you definitely cannot do on Twitter. Heck, they don’t even have a chart. 🙂

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