Proving once again that the internet is one of the most awesomest things ever, Flightradar24 tracks flights. In real time. The little jets move and everything. Seriously. You can actually bring up a map just about anywhere in the world and watch exactly where flights are right now, and as they move, the map auto-updates right as you’re watching it. Hover over any specific flight and it will tell you which it is. In the example above, the flight is United Airlines 76.

Also note that yellow jet icons are real-time and orange jets have a 5-minute FAA delay on them.

This is definitely one to have in your bookmarks – and it’s especially a good app for your smartphone. Sitting in the cell phone lot at the airport waiting for a flight to arrive to pick someone up? Punch up the real-time info on your phone with the Flightradar24 app to see where the flight is. Oh yeah, you can do that. Very cool. It’s not the #1 travel app in 50+ countries for nothing, you know.

Site: Flightradar24