One sometimes wonders why Apple products (compared to Dell and Microsoft) aren’t in the workplace more.

One very good reason is that it’s not all that easy finding out what exactly Apple offers for business and enterprise without doing some digging first. Apple simply does not make it easy to find this information.

As of this writing: has no link on the home page that goes directly to the biz/enterprise offerings whatsoever. The biz stuff is literally buried. You have to click on "Mac" first, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the next page, then click "Small Business" or "IT Pro". You have to know to do this. has two links directly placed on the home page, "For Business" and "For IT Professionals"., obviously designed for business first, has biz stuff plastered all over their home page.

Let’s go back to Apple for a moment.

When you see the product and solution offerings Apple has, you say to yourself "Wow! Look at all this biz stuff! Cool! Apple isn’t just iPods and iPhones!"

Seriously speaking, Apple has got some serious goods.

Unfortunately it’s buried behind iPhones, iTunes, iThis, iThat, iTheOtherThing.

Does Apple purposely not want new biz and enterprise to find them? Why is the IT stuff so buried on their own site? I understand that it may not be Apple’s primary focus to concentrate on enterprise, but wouldn’t it make sense to let people know it exists without hunting for it?

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