image You might have noticed recently that Wikipedia wants you (again) to fork over some cash in the form of a donation (click the screen shot right for larger image). This is nothing new, but what is new is that they have a goal of six million dollars.

And they already have over 2 million.

Can anyone tell me why the Wikimedia Foundation needs SIX MILLION DOLLARS and moreover how it would be applied? Does anyone know of the long-term project goals so we know the cash won’t be pocketed for a fleet of new BMWs and a house in Malibu?

On read of the personal appeal, does this sound like something that’s worth SIX MILLION DOLLARS (especially considering there are no charities listed and no causes listed)?

If I drove over to the Wikimedia Foundation office in St. Petersburg Florida and asked them about how they’re going to spend SIX MILLION DOLLARS, do you think they’d show me the door just for inquiring?

Makes one wonder.