Windows 7 includes DVD creating software called Windows DVD Maker. It is by far one of the easiest programs to create a DVD with. If you wanted any easier, you’d have to use iDVD on a Mac.

The software works wonderfully save for one thing – it doesn’t always handle widescreen formats properly. In some instances you may encounter the situation where a burned DVD is forced to 4:3 aspect instead of 16:9.

There are two things you can do to combat this:

Purposely set Windows DVD Maker to output in 16:9

Do this by starting a new project, then clicking Options at lower left:


Click on the DVD-Video tab, then tick the option for 16:9.


Import your video into Windows Live Movie Maker, export as 16:9 widescreen

If the 16:9 option is checked and the burned DVD still forces a 4:3 aspect, the freely available Windows Live Movie Maker can reformat your video to "proper" 16:9 that Windows DVD Maker will burn properly as widescreen.

Note: The conversion process does take time depending on the length and export quality of your video.

First, import your video into Windows Live Movie Maker:


Click the View tab, then click the Aspect Ratio button and select Widescreen.


Choose to Save movie and select Widescreen (480p).


The exported file will import properly in Windows DVD Maker as a 16:9 widescreen video and burn to DVD properly as well.

Notes on formats:

Widescreen 480p is fine for most video; it uses a standard 720×480 output. High-definition 720p uses 1280×720 and High-definition 1080p uses 1920×1080.

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