Windows Vista today turns one year old. The team at Windows Vista magazine decided to order a cake with a big Windows logo on it and pig out.

As the latest Windows operating system turns one, let me look at the history of Vista here at PCMech. I started out by upgrading my PC to Vista several months back. I found some annoyances and then tried to find some things I liked. I, like a lot of people, was waiting for Service Pack 1 and I speculated about it back in August. It still hasn’t arrived. By October, I downgraded back to Windows XP. I was left wondering where the hell Windows was going? Is this all they can give me? Then, when Apple released OS X Leopard, I went out and bought a Mac. I went through a few hiccups, but eventually concluded that OS X indeed is everything Vista should have been and more. What’s more, Apple released the first update to Leopard within weeks, and rumors have it that the second is coming very soon. All while Microsoft STILL has not released SP1 for Vista.

imageHow many people out there could echo this story? I gave Vista a try. Went running back to XP, then decided to get an Apple. I’m happy with my Mac to the point where I have decided to make my next notebook purchase a Macbook (I’m currently using my Vista-based HP DV6000).

Just last night, I was over at my brother’s place for dinner. He was bitching about Vista on his Toshiba laptop. He says it is unstable and he hates the thing. I told him he could upgrade it to XP.

So, yeah, Vista turned one year old today. Happy birthday, Vista. Let’s hope your next year is better than your first, but I will watch from afar while I keep Vista off of every computer I can as the over-bloated software that it is.