Windtunnel Plus ATX Case

Over the past year, case “modding” has become quite
popular. The main reason is to keep your high mHz cpu and system cool. Recently
the market has become a “buyers” paradise of cool looking and
practical cases that perform. Airflow is essential to a cool running PC.. The
“WindTunnel PLUS” is no exception. If you are like most “techies”
a hardware upgrade is no big deal, but getting out the jigsaw and cutting holes
in your case, well, it’s just something some of us don’t want to do. That’s
where this new case from coolerguys
comes in. It’s a case that has all of the mods “pre-
fabricated”.  All of the parts needed to assemble this case are
included, you have to do the assembling. Which is a minor task if one at all.

The WindTunnel PLUS case comes shipped

  • Mid ATX computer case with Laser
    cut holes

  • 300 Watt ATX power supply by CTW

  • 80mm SUNON high speed fan

  • 80mm grill

  • (2)92mm SUNON high speed fans

  • (2)92mm grills

  • Package misc. screws and
    case hardware

  • Slot exhaust cooler

  • 3 – 5.25 “bays

  • 3 – 3.5″ bays

  • Coolerguys
    complete satisfaction guarantee (very hard to beat a deal like that)

I and other PC fanatics agree, that with todays high mHz running
cpu’s, cool air and ventilation are a must, especially for the overclocker. This
case takes the “above average” case a step beyond. A common attrribute
of todays “gamers” and “overclockers” cases is “blow holes” and lots of
fans. The WindTunnel PLUS  follows that “trend”, and does a fine job of
cooling. The two 92mm fans that attach to the “side” of the case blow
ample amount of air onto your system board and cpu. Keeping your system in the
“safe” zone.


Here is a picture of the case and all of the accessories that
come with it. High quality Sunon fans, a cool “slot” exhaust fan,
grills, power cord, hardware, and they give you two types of rear
“covers”, AT and ATX. This is a “do it yourself” job that
takes very little effort. The sides of the case require about 1/2 to 3/4 of an
inch to slide back, then they come off very easy. I would prefer a “screwless”
side cover attachment, as this case has 3 screws for each side,  you could
just leave the screws out until you are ready to transport your PC to a lan

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