This morning, Techcrunch has a fairly provocative story about Twitter and Google being in talks. Apparently, the story is that Google is looking to acquire Twitter.

The question is: Is this good or bad?

My first thought is Jaiku? Jaiku was doing OK until Google acquired it and then proceeded to do absolutely nothing with it. Scoble points out that they also bought a company called Dodgeball (an earlier Twitter-like site) and proceeded to do nothing with that. So, Google pretty much has a BAD track record here.

If history is any judge, a Google acquisition of Twitter would mean bad things for Twitter.

Microsoft should be shaking in it’s boots right now. Microsoft is already all but irrelevant when it comes to the Internet. Imagine how that would magnify if Google acquired Twitter? Especially when compared with Microsoft’s botched attempt to buy Yahoo.

I really like Google. I am a self-proclaimed Google whore and I think they do great things. But, I have mixed feelings about them potentially acquiring Twitter.

So, do YOU think Google would screw up Twitter? Do you even care?

Should we call it Twoogle?

One thing I consider a guarantee: The concept of Twitter is here to stay and will become as integral to our internet experience as email. Whether it is called Twitter or not, the idea of micro-blogging is here to stay.