The 2017 PC Gaming Show started off with a bang as XCOM 2’s first major expansion was announced. The War of the Chosen was shown off with a slew of new soldier classes, new enemies, and the goal is to offer up the biggest expansion in series history.

The Chosen are the ultimate enemies of the XCOM and have three sets of classes. Over the course of the expansion, you will face each of those types several times and they will evolve as time goes on – so they will learn and grow as you do. The assassin type is honor-bound and represented in a deep purple character model that is striking. She uses stealth and close-quarters combat to slice away with her scythe. The Hunter and Warlock are two other types, with the former being a long-range fighter and the latter using magic to succeed.

XCOM isn’t the only resistance movement in this expansion – others join the fray and also have their own style, and they can be won over to the XCOM side to learn their methods. The Reapers, Deceptors, and Templars can join your side if you win them over. The Templars can be made stronger by gaining focus, which makes them stronger, or you can spend that focus on the greater team as a whole and spread that out if you so desire. You can have maps with Chosen, Lost, and others at the same time – keeping things chaotic and frantic.

War of the Chosen will be released on August 29 on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The price wasn’t announced, unfortunately, but this is quite promising. The enemy variety in particular looks incredible, with a lot of ways to fight and the new recruitment aspect of things is interesting.

Given how much content they’re packing into it, a $30 price tag seems reasonable – but something like $20 may be what they finally go with to avoid any potential backlash to a high price tag.