Picture 3 Yahoo Buzz is not new, but it was taken offline for a revamp and today we are now seeing the new version.

"Buzz-worthy" articles are submitted to Yahoo Buzz and can then elevate and be highlighted based on user votes. Sound familiar? Huhum….Digg?

Actually, it is not really Digg. One key difference is that the stories that show up are from a hand-picked group of publishers. On Digg, anybody can submit. Yahoo is slated to, in the future, accept applications from new publishers.

The "old" Yahoo Buzz was a page to check out the most popular searches on Yahoo. This site remains but is being rebranded to "Yahoo Buzz Log". You can find it here (with the new design) and here with the old one.

We have yet to see how well this will work for Yahoo. For now, it seems more like a Techmeme clone.

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