The above image (click to enlarge) is a YouTube spam I received today.

Spam? On YouTube?

Yeah, this is getting to be a problem. It’s bad enough there’s video comment spam everywhere on YouTube. Now it’s found its way into YouTube inboxes aplenty – including my own.

Your only option to combat spam concerning your YouTube account is to check the box (seen in the screen shot in little text on the left) for “Only allow my contacts to send me messages.”

Users of MySpace get spammed all the time, however no one cares because MySpace’s system is a complete piece of junk. But on YouTube, this is sorely disappointing when a Google-owned system let’s crap like this through.

As a Gmail user (another Google-owned system), I’m nothing but pleased with the way its handles spam because it’s constantly monitored, continually upgraded and only in extremely rare instances has it marked a false-positive. But this isn’t the case in YouTube. The spam is increasing, it’s really annoying and Google needs to fix this. Now.