Zero-Writing a Hard Drive

If you ever want to totally get rid all data on a hard drive, the best thing to do is zero-write it. As opposed to formatting, which only erases links to files (which, practically removes everything) but leaves the actual data, zero-writing actually sets the value of each sector of your hard drive to 0. This insures the data is removed as everything is totally overwritten.

Zero-writing a hard drive is always a good idea if you are getting rid of an old hard drive as you know what might happen to it. In order to zero-write a drive, you can download the hard drive tools from your hard drive manufacturer’s we site, or download a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD as it contains the tools for virtually all manufacturers.


  1. Thanks for the article, it really helped me.

  2. ok ive wrote it to zeros , now how do i get bthe computer to fire back up ?ive put another hard drive in and it wont fire up , its a toshiba sattilite

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