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  • Has your computer slowed down to the point of not functioning?

  • Are you seeing random pop up ads?

  • Has your internet connection stopped working?

  • Are your web requests being redirected to random or inappropriate websites?

  • Are you being denied access to files or programs on your computer?

If your answer to one or more of the questions above is “Yes”, there is a good chance that your computer may have become infected with malware.   Malware can take many forms ranging from viruses or trojans, to spyware (which will try to mine or collect your sensitive personal information), or even programs that deny you access to your files unless you pay a ransom (called Ransomware).

Malware infections are increasingly common today, but there is no need to worry – the tech enthusiast community at PCMech is here to help you!   However, instead of just providing you with links to various removal tools and letting you try to remove the malware on your own, we like to assist you with the malware removal process.  Our large community forum includes malware and security experts which will guide you through malware removal in an attempt to restore your computer back to its uninfected, normal working state.

If you are unsure whether you computer has been infected, or you currently have an infected computer, please visit our free Malware Removal forum today and let an expert help you clean up your PC.  Please note that this is a specialized forum with set rules, so please read ALL instructions, including stickied threads, carefully before posting.