Four Tactics You Can Use To Retrieve Data From A Dead Laptop

Eventually, all technology dies.  No system is made to last forever, which means you’ve always got to be prepared for the day it eventually craps out on you. Unfortunately, I wasn’t prepared for my old laptop to stop working (even though I really should have seen it coming). It was an old beast of a […]

Five Of The Most Bizarre Subreddits Ever Created

I love Reddit…though after taking a moment to reflect on that statement, it’s a little difficult to explain why. Come to think of it, it’s kind of tough to even describe what Reddit is. I suppose the nearest approximation I can give is that it’s one of the Internet’s largest user-driven websites. Styling itself as “The Frontpage […]

MakeUseOf – Smart TVs Are A Growing Security Risk: How Do You Deal With This?

With more and more connected devices hitting the market every day, the ever-present risk of those devices being hacked grows larger and larger. That includes Smart TVs (yeah, I’m serious). But…what’s the big deal? According to MakeUseOf, it’s a matter of personal privacy. The biggest danger is that you can be spied on by anyone. […]

16 Years Is A Good Run. Time To Turn Over To Somebody Else

Let me get right to the point… I have decided that it is time for me to end my relationship with And, as the owner of the site, that most likely means turning over the site to somebody else. Now, here’s the backstory… Actually, I’m not going to bother re-writing everything I’ve already said. […]

Globe And Mail: Strategy, Spite Conspire In BlackBerry’s T-Mobile Breakup

Looks like there’s a bit of bad blood between BlackBerry and T-Mobile. The Waterloo technology company announced it will not renew T-Mobile’s license to sell BlackBerrys after the current license expires on April 25. “BlackBerry has had a positive relationship with T-Mobile for many years,” BlackBerry chief executive officer John Chen said in a statement. […]

Tech Vibes: 44% Of Online Time Spent Via Mobile Devices Last Year, Up From 14% In 2010

If ever there was any doubt that mobile devices are the future of personal computing, Comscore recently posted some very interesting statistics about how Canadians browse: Canadians spent more than 34 hours online per month last year, according to a new report from comScore, lagging only the US and UK. We spent 17% fewer minutes […]

CNet: Microsoft’s Cortana Promises To Outdo Apple’s Siri

Microsoft’s new virtual assistant Cortana (fittingly named after the famous AI from the Halo series of video games) will, according to the company, blow Apple’s Siri out of the water. Where Microsoft expects Cortana to really surpass other similar solutions, however, is in the realm of contextual awareness. For instance you can tell Cortana to […]

ComputerWorld: Microsoft Sketches Out Final Windows Xp Security Updates For Next Week

Microsoft today announced the details of the final security update it plans to release before phasing out Windows XP support entirely. Of the four updates, two were tagged “critical,” Microsoft’s most serious threat rating, and the other pair was marked “important,” the next step down in the firm’s four-part scoring system. All four, however, were […]

New Yorker: Fire, TV, And Amazon’s Commitment To Consumption

Amazon today finally released Amazon Fire TV, its set-top box. According to Amazon, the device could well revolutionize the living room. Fire TV “is not a gadget—it’s a seamlessly integrated service.” With Amazon’s Whispersync, you can start watching “Virgin High” at work on your smartphone, pick up where you left off on your Kindle Fire […]

PCWorld: Microsoft Shows off Cloud-Based Physics Rendering And Virtual Reality Via Internet Explorer

Microsoft showed off some pretty awesome enhancements to Internet Explorer as the second day of its Build conference kicked into gear. On this, the second day of its annual developers conference, Microsoft is focusing on enhancements to its Visual Studio software development toolkit to assist in the creation, publication, debugging, and porting of Windows apps. […]