A detailed history of the processor

Looking to learn a little more about CPU history? Learn all about the many adventures and rendition of the processor, dating all the way back to 1978.

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Overview of Processor Thermal Parameters and Their Meanings

The processor is an important part of your computer, but it’s a very complex aspect of how a computer works. Here’s an look at processor thermal parameters.

Got Computer Monitor Trouble? Here’s how to find the problem

Having trouble with your monitor or monitors at home? Learn how to troubleshoot your monitor and find the source of what’s causing the problem.

How to configure Windows 10 default applications

Got a favorite web browser, video player or photo viewer? Learn how to set it as your default go-to application in Windows 10.

Choosing the right motherboard for your build

Picking the right motherboard for your computer build can be a daunting task. That’s exactly why we’ve made this guide. Here are a few things to consider.

How to troubleshoot your optical drive

Think you’re having problems with your optical drive? Learn how to fix common glitches and decide whether or not you need a replacement.

PCMech Staff Announcement

As part of my effort to continue to grow and expand PCMech, I’m happy to announce today that Brad Ward will be taking over duties as Editor-in-Chief for the site. Brad’s diverse writing experience in the technology field (including over two years at PCMech) will greatly benefit and guide the content direction of PCMech of […]

How to recover deleted files in Windows 10

Think you deleted an important file in the Recycle Bin? Learn a few tips on data recovery and how you can try and recover your files.

What’s the difference between the CPU and GPU?

The CPU and GPU both play an important role in how a computer works, however there are plenty of people that don’t know the difference between the two.

How to troubleshoot problems with your router

Experience network problems? It could be your router. Learn how to see the warning signs, troubleshoot and even replace the router if necessary.