Wired: Wanna Build A Rocket? NASA’s About To Give Away A Mountain Of Its Code

If you want to build your very own spacefaring vessel, I’ve a bit of news you might be interested in: NASA has just open-sourced the code that ran the guidance systems in Apollo 11. This NASA software catalog will list more than 1,000 projects, and it will show you how to actually obtain the code […]

Pcworld: Apple In Talks To Buy Renesas Chip Joint Venture

Apple’s reportedly talking to Renesas Electronics about buying a joint venture by the organization which designs chips for smartphone displays. Apple is looking to acquire Renesas Electronics’ 55 percent stake in the joint venture with Sharp and Powerchip Technology, it added. The stake would be worth some ¥50 billion ($479 million). The iPhone maker wants to […]

PC World: Newton Is The First MPS-Based Mini-Computer For Wearables

Raspberry Pi, eat your heart out: a smaller consumer computer has just hit the market. A Chinese company has released a computer about the size of an SD card that can run a full version of Android and should make it easier to build wearable devices. Called the Newton, the computer was developed by China’s Ingenic […]

CNN: The Internet’s Best April Fools Gags

I love April Fool’s Day, primarily because of how many large organizations wholeheartedly embrace it each year, favoring us with pranks ranging from gut-bustingly hilarious to gloriously absurd. It must be April Fool’s Day on the Internet. In what’s become an annual tradition, the tech world embraced the tomfoolery of April 1 with all the gusto […]

CNN: Tesla Car Doors Can Be Hacked

A spot of troubling news today for any of you who happen to own one of the high-tech Tesla electric cars: according to hobbyist hacker Nitesh Dhanjani, the doors aren’t even remotely secure. Tesla owners must create a password-protected online account, which lets them use a smartphone app to access car locks, locate a car, […]

ExtremeTech: New ‘Extreme’ Computer Chip Can Withstand Temperatures Up To 300 Degrees Celcius

One of the richest untapped power sources in the world lies deep beneath our feet: geothermal energy at the Earth’s core. Unfortunately, tapping into that energy has been next to impossible until now, due to the extreme temperatures closer to the core (upwards of 7,000 degrees). Today, we took one step towards tapping into that […]

TechCrunch: Researchers Are Improving Machine Learning By Making Computers Teach Each Other Pac-Man

Researchers at Washington State have touched on a very interesting, wholly unique way of enhancing machine learning: video games. The plan is to have one computer show another computer how to play Pac-Man in a way that does not involve simply moving the programming from one machine to the other. “We designed algorithms for advice […]

CNet: Microsoft Build 2014 To Highlight “One Windows” Progress

This year’s Microsoft Build conference will focus on the company’s efforts up to this point in delivering “One Windows;” a single operating system which functions across all platforms. Few expect Microsoft to unveil the full feature list or even the target arrival date for Windows 9 at Build 2014. Instead, Microsoft officials are likely to […]

CNet: New Glitch Hits Healthcare.gov Site

If you’ve left enrollment into the new Affordable Care Act to the last minute, I’ve got some bad news for you: the deadline is today, and the website is unable to accept new applications due to a technical glitch. “The tech team monitoring HealthCare.gov in real time has identified an issue with users creating new […]

Cnet: Google’s April Fools Prank Will Put Pokemon In The Real World

Google just revealed what it plans to do for April Fools’ Day, and this one’s a bit of a zinger. An augmented reality Pokemon game utilizing Google Maps sounds too good to be true. Unfortunately, on the eve of April Fools’ Day, Google is pulling a fast one on diehard Pokemon fanatics, albeit in the […]